Mudigi Savara

Man, life is so unfair. Here I am, a physical specimen of how a sexy Igbo/Luhya ages gracefully and I cannot get half the attention Mudigi Savara gets with his broken leg!

I mean, I thought his injury would slow down his pursuit of lasses but I was ever so wrong! Not that he chases after women…that assumption was really off but rather, the lasses chase after Mudigi Savara. And one unfortunate lad had to find out whether his lass was cheating or at least attempting to cheat on him with Mudigi Savara.

I have been here. At the hands of a trifling Nairobi lass who took me to hell and left me feeling every song on 808s and Heartbreaks.
But this is about a youngin called Deco Diamond. The poor lad has reason to think his bae is cheating on him and I guess he went through her private DMs (not a smart move but the exuberance of youth often trounces wisdom) and guess what he found?

His lass was sliding into Mudigi Savara’s DMs perhaps in the hope of some crazy superstar sexy times.

Mudigi actually dealt with the question well… He kept his business moving. But his fans, though… They were bemused:

savara stole someone's lass