Stephen Mumbo
The late with his wife

Stephen Mumbo jumped to his death on Friday and many Kenyans were dumbfounded about why? The information that has been gathered since then postulates that work-place pressure might have contributed to his eventual demise.

But who was Stephen? Schoolmates, friends, family and colleagues paint a picture of a man who was quiet and shy.

Stephen Mumbo
The deceased

The late Stephen was a standout student at St. Paul’s Amakura High School in Busia County and left the school in 1996.  According to a story by the Nairobian, the boys who knew him at the school described him as a schoolmate who never missed church or and was always studying in the library.

He studied to become a civil engineer and then succeeded to become an assistant manager at PWC. A colleague who spoke to the Nairobian described Stephen’s approach to work at the company:

He would rather be late with a client’s report than bring in a report which had a comma in the wrong place. As an accountant, he wasn’t just careful with the figures, but with the grammar too. He was a perfectionist.

A close friend to the deceased told the Nairobian about Stephen:

He wasn’t the type to say no. He was always very well-groomed but always tired.

He was a man of few words according to colleagues who knew him. Maybe that may explain why Stephen’s suicide was met with such a shock by colleagues and friends who knew him.

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