Ali Hassan Joho

Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho has opened up about his struggles and challenges he faced wanting his family to take him seriously.

Joho who is famously known for as ‘001 (zero, zero, one) has not had life handed to him on a silver platter contrary to what people believe.

While at Serani Secondary School in the early 90s, Hassan Joho used to sneak out of school every Friday after the Dhuhr prayers.

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Ali Hassan Joho
Governor Joho

He’d go to the Old Port in Old Town where Somali merchant ships used to dock.

A well-built Swahili man called Machkopa was the master porter and supervised all porters.

Joho used to beg him for odd jobs. Sometimes he was lucky.

On the good days, he would load scrap metal onto lorries, earning Sh90 for the whole afternoon’s work.

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Ali Hassan Joho
The governor looking stylish

“Today, Alhamdullilahi, I am the Governor of Mombasa.

History books will say I am the first Governor of Mombasa,” Joho said at the same Old Port where he laid the hard-work foundation for his success.

Speaking on Wednesday afternoon when he commissioned 28 high-density fibreglass boats for Beach Management Units in Mombasa.

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In a rare insight, Joho opened up on his struggles, pain, setbacks and determination paved his way to the Governor’s mansion.

Ali Hassan Joho
Mombasa governor, Ali Hassan Joho

His is a story of determination, perseverance, ambition and shrewdness despite frustrations even from the people he thought would have his back.

“When I vied for MP in Kisauni, people laughed at me.

Even my own family said I was a joker. Only a few friends believed in me,” Joho said.

The governor said his determination and ambition pushed him to governorship and will propel him to the presidency.

“It is because my intentions have always been pure.

I have no ill-will towards anybody. That is why I succeed,” Joho said.

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