Allan and Kathy Kiuna

If there’s a servant of God, who is never afraid of displaying her family in public it’s Rev Kathy Kiuna, the co-founder of Jubilee Christian Church.

Popularly referred to as “Mum” by her followers, Kathy Kiuna has earned both ardent supporters and haters for the time she’s been in this industry. Kathy Kiuna and her family are often trolled on social media but the strong woman she is, she has never let critics dictate her life.

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The founder of Daughters of Zion (Doz) is not only known for her piece of advice on relationships but she’s also a great mother to three children and a grandma to her daughters children.

Recently, Kiuna introduced her two sons-in-law to the public and in a sweet message she wrote:

Prayer for families: I lift our families to you oh Lord, claiming the promises you set forth for us as a family. Unite us in love, spirit & truth. Bless us with the gift of your presence, of laughter & order, turn any chaos into calmness and our discord into delight. I rebuke every thought of hatred, malice, argument and pride towards one another and in our homes.

Thank you for my babies Vanessa, Stephanie, Jeremy, Nia & Amanda (put your children & grandchildren’s names) for trusting me to care for them. Grant them complete knowledge & understanding of your will. May they honor you in all their ways and be filled with gratitude for you. Their lives will produce every kind of good fruit. May my family be a testimony of your faith, grace and mercies. Amen.”

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Here’s the family photo

Rev Kathy Kiuna
Rev Kathy Kiuna and her family