A family in Nyandarua county learnt the hard way what it means not to have well developed roads after being forced to transport a casket in a mkokoteni.

Nyandaru County is governed by Ndiritu Muriithi.

According to a video making rounds on social media, no car can access the roads taxpayers have to go through this every time they have a burial or any other event.

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Coffin being placed on a mkokoteni
Casket on a mkokoteni (cart)
Casket being ferried by a mkokoteni

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Below are some of the reactions on the video

Sarah Gachagua: Nyandarua county muko kwa moto..is this the same county where the governor opened a rough road the other day.this devolution thing is a scam. Warudishe pesa za county kwa treasury tafadhali😢😢😢

Grace Njoroge: Its so sad that we are still experiencing such in the 21st century…..instead of our leaders thinking of Wanjiku they are busy forming political fronts that do not help anyone.

Charles Njogu: That GVN once said he is done with upgrading roads and he is planning on railway🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️ One thing we Kenyans should learn is that leaders are not based on juu babake/guka yake alikuwa politician.

he once served in govt or aty alinipea 500/- sitamwangusha. We are all suffering because we made wrong decisions based on a past.

Rahab Njeri :This is shameful, Nyandarua leaders are used to relax. They totally do nothing…. It’s high time Nyandarua residents to become enlightened.

Joseph Waitimu: I passed through the county recently and you wonder viongozi wao kazi ni gani? Ama ni TangaTanga na kueleweka? 🚮

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