A family of eight burned to death after their car burst into flames. The car had a father mother and two kids when the accident occurred.

The Zimbabwean family was in a Porsche Cayenne which burst into flames and all four occupants were burnt beyond recognition.

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IOL reports that the identification took long because the Porsche Cayenne had no number plates on the car, which made it difficult for authorities.

According to ZBC, the family has since been identified as

Vehicle 1 -Toyota Fortuner

Tonderai family

Tonderai Godfrey Sithole (38) – Driver
Faith Sithole (36) – Wife
Shalom Sithole (10)– Female child
Shekinah Sithole (5) – Female child

In a horrific development, a Zimbabwean family of four were part of the 8 people who were killed in a horror collision between two SUVs on the N11 in Ladysmith, near Modelkloof, at the weekend.

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The other family that burned in the flames include

Vehicle 2 (Porsche)

1. Dheeraj Sureshchand Singh- driver (41)
2. Ronithah Singh– Wife (40)
3. Suman Singh -Male (21)
4. Sanjana Singh- Female (16)

May the families rest in peace and may their families find peace in this trying times as they mourn they are loved.

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