Comedian Mulamwah has not had an easy ride to fame, in fact so bad was the experience that the funny man in 2020 had decided to call it quits on his source of income.

The situation was nasty and getting out of hand all thanks to the constant cyberbullying on twitter.

Mulamwah then was encouraged to come back and is now bigger and better with various brand endorsements but for the the Kitale bred creative he says he would advice any person craving to be famous to leave fame alone as a free and legit advice.

Speaking in an interview at Switch TV he also says there are benefits of becoming a creative which has build him to become a millionaire.

The road to fame is one in which most people crave for but fame comes with it’s fair share of opportunities such as new opportunities, celebrity endorsements just to mention few but the dark side comes with the scary word of cyberbullying or rather trolling.

Trolling is so common among celebrities that it leads to most slipping into depression while others calling it quits in the industry.

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For comedian Mulamwah who rose to fame in a video that went viral, 2020 has been a massive year of growth for the comedian.

However this very year has brought him a number of disappointments having to become an easy target of cyberbullying to the point where the comic decided to call it quits before receiving encouragement from fellow celebrities on embarking on his journey and thriving.

Speaking during an interview on Switch TV the comedian has revealed that he never knew the weight of getting into fame.

He says quitting comedy and his return made him stronger as he realized his purpose.

For Mulamwah he says he has realized that there are different types of people on social media all with different purpose for being there and now focuses on grinding through comedy.

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Mulamwah says that comedy and being a creative has levelled him to a point he would have never imagined as he is getting a large sum of money from various means such as endorsements and becoming a millionaire.

However with all the goodies that fame brings he says his word of advice to anyone who is into becoming famous in whatever means would be to just stay away from fame.

“No!! For free tu achana nayo.” he advises. For him he has seen both the good and the bad side of becoming a celebrity and it has not been an easy journey with people seeking to bring him down and seeing him fail.

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