Kiss FM presenter and comedian Jalang’o has told fellow comedians to create a platform of their own even after being given platforms by other people like Churchill.

Jalas told Kamene on The Morning Kiss, ahead of Othuol Othuol’s burial this Saturday

“Every artist who has had his last curtain call, we have a huge tree at the center of Kenya National Theater, we take our departed brothers there for artistes to view those who can not make it to the burial place”

“Also, this is for the departed to say goodbye to the art where they started from.”


“This is the saddest thing I have never told anyone. If they, as artistes keep going as they are, we will lose a lot. Funny enough when one dies, it is always about Churchill and Jalas and those who have made it.”

Jalang’o then told comedians the hard truth;

“When you find a platform and join, the question should be, have you made a platform or has the platform made you. That is why they are still calling him, Othuol Othuol of Churchill. But not Eric Omondi of Churchill. Eric used the platform, then went ahead to create his own.”

“Fame comes with a lot. One is that people love the craft you do, and not you. Let not fame get into your head. It is a journey and they should ask the likes of Churchill on their journey. Young comedians need to know that it is a journey and they need to live in the process. “

“People blame Jalas and Churchill but what are you doing to create your platform. I have been in this game for way too long and I am still at the number one hit music station.”


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