Who said you have to post nudes to get the attention of the public and get famous? Guess what, there are lasses who are well experienced in this field of work, and need not market their goodies to get that attention.

We all keep talking about celebrity publicity stunts, well these lasses came to the limelight with what is termed as their “hard work” to get noticed. You ask how? By just being relevant!

The first one on the list is…

Diana Marua

She has strategies…good strategies. She has made a brand for herself through this little gospel kid Bahati. I must say she tried for publicity with several other male celebrities but it was all an epic fail, but here came the boy who would introduce her to the world as his prayer partner.We barely knew this chic Diana Marua, but she seemed to have used Bahati so badly that he barely goes anywhere without her. I’m just saying she is old enough to be Bahati’s pension planner. I mean, this girl can plan his life quite well.

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Tracy Wanjiru

She does it big, very big! By that I mean, she does it all international. This girl Tracy was rumoured to have had a one night stand with R&B superstar Trey Songz. News had it that she spent the night at the hotel where the American star was staying at the time when he came for Coke Studio. The lass would go ahead to shut down the rumours. I must agree she was still in media then, but her publicity had not grown by much.

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Chantal Grazioli

She is Eric Omondi’s arm candy. Many barely knew about her until she and comedian boyfriend pulled a stunt. A video that went viral suggested that she had broken up with her funny lad after he had sent credit to another lass.  The Italian pointie would then pour a drink on him and chuck the venue they were at. It turns out it was all a stunt! Now that we had already knew Omondi, was this just a strategy to make his babe famous? Atleast she got new followers!


She has made a name for herself and become famous even beating artistes who came decades before her. Her music is danceable… That’s all I can say about it. But before she reached where she is right now. Akothee has desperately looked for publicity; posting her Mzungu baby daddy drama, going h.a.m on men, showing off how much she is worth. I mean too much drama. She faked a wedding which she later on said cancelled to go for Luo festival. Earlier she had posted wedding photos of her and her old mzungu which would later turn out to be a music video. Fake it till you make it mama!

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Michelle Yola

Who knew her before she started dating Prezzo? Probably no one. Yola was in an on and off relationship with her fellow socialite Prezzo, and after he put the ring on it, we could hardly breathe amid the bragging she did. This girl has recently shown her thirst for publicity with the cheap drama she puts us through. I mean who writes long posts and lies that her boyfriend is cheating just to get attention? Kweli Mathare wako half term! Her yearning for publicity showed that she and drama king Prezzo are just a perfect match!