Crime Scene
Crime Scene. photo credit: file

Police in Bomet County is looking for a fake doctor who dupped a teen patient that he will insert medicine using his peepee.

According to a police defilement report at Lugumek Police Station under OB 17/21/08/2019, the teenager reported that “she was suffering from headache and heartburn and also had a problem when urinating.”

She visited a private clinic at Chebunyo trading centre. The physician is known by the name of Kibet who treated her told her that some medication was supposed to be inserted inside her private part.

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The police report that “At first he inserted it using his fingers and later told her he will use his pen*s to insert it but victim realised that she was being defiled when the suspect ejaculated.”

That is when the teenager reported the matter to police who then visited the scene and found the suspect had escaped. The victim was escorted to the hospital where she was examined.

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