Mugo wa Wairimu

This is a crazy story that shouldnae have been allowed an additional chapter.

A quack doctor is taken into custody after an investigative piece of journalism exposes him for having run an unlicensed health centre, working as a gynaecologist and allegedly raping his patients. One would think that would have put paid to his shenanigans but nope. He was released on a 2 million shilling bond and surety of the same amount.

This was back in In 2015 when he was arrested and charged with various offences, among them, obtaining money through false pretence, running an unregistered health facility and operating without a licence.

immediately after release he begun basking in the limelight, courting media attention at every opportunity he got and he even announced that he would vie for political office. He was equally as annoying on social media.

And wouldnae you know it, after seemingly getting away with his crimes, he has been caught up in another scandal, a scandal of the very same nature. Check out the investigative work done by Denis Okari did on the quack that has Kenyans up in arms about the entire affair:

#QuackClinic Warning! Too Graphic 🚫This Mugo Wa Wairimu horror story shows that our Health System and Justice System have completely failed us 👎 #ifikieDPP na #Uhuru This is beyond comprehension 😮😲😢

Posted by Peter Maiyo on Monday, November 5, 2018