Faith Muturi Ngugi

Not everyone wants to know the sex of their litto angel before they are birthed into the world. Some want to be surprised, while others want to know so that they can prepare well in advance. Celebrity gospel couple, Faith Muturi Ngugi and George Ngugi are debating whether to go for an ultra sound to find out the sex of their child. And if they should reveal the results to their online family.

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The former Cross Over 101 host and yummy mummy, engaged her fans on Facebook asking if they should do it or not. Faith wrote on Facebook,

“So everyone’s been asking, ‘Is it a boy or a girl?’ Have you guys found out? Are you curious to know? To some, the surprise to know the sex of the baby at birth is exciting. They seek that thrill and enjoy the suspense along the way. Old wives tales keep them guessing as every pregnancy symptom is interpreted as a guess to the baby’s gender. Others think, hey! If we were in the 70’s, that would be okay. Just as we have moved with the times and have whatsapp on our phones, how about embracing we are in that age where technology has gifted us to ‘know’ and prepare. There are the definite surprise stories at the end. A friend shared how every scan showed it was a girl, so they had shopped for everything pink and lots of dresses only for a boy to show up! The young one had to rock dresses that week before it was possible to go shopping for his clothes! Boy or girl?,.. To find out or to wait? To share or not to share?,.. What’s your take?,..”

Many advised the couple to wait. Some mothers also words of wisdom for first time mummy, Faith.

Ranjoz Erastus wrote, “For me I wouldn’t prefer to go for a scan. I would like it to come as a surprise, whatever comes may…just getting ready with thoze kinda of a cladis that can outfit any sex. Let it get everyone by surprise. That is the happiest feeling I would ever have. Suspense makes one crave to see tomorrow. God blessings for you Mrs Ngugi.”

Karen Calvin Kathy wrote, “Ooh I had a scan for my 1st n second born…….I knew it would b a girl n second baby was a boy n shopped accordingly…..but for my 3rd born I wanted it to n a surprise…..The doctor sent me fora scan…..twice but I warned the one who did the scan not to reveal the sex ……I got to know the sex of the baby at delivery room…..It is a baby girl….so thrilling n fulfilling!!!!”

Another fan, Rowzie Wambui Rowzie wrote, “Please reveal dear……am dying with curiosity each and every day i see your posts. I wish it is a girl for her to be your carbon copy in all ways….beauty,brains,characters and everything…”

Rosa Kihara added, “Know your baby.-“Before I formed you in your mother’s Womb, I knew you.” (Jer. 1:1…) With the 4D affordable scan readings we have, mistakes are not common. Know and start talking to your baby as they are… You don’t have to share on social media though. All the best toward your last stretch Hun.”

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