Hassan Omar

Former Mombasa senator Hassan Omar has been trending on social media for the last couple of days after he was involved in a fight with female politicians from the coast region.

“Hassan Omar asijibiwe na wanaume, atajibiwa na wenzake kama sisi” said Aisha Jumwa. Mishi Mboko also clapped back at Omar who unsuceefully vied for the mombasa gubernatoriaol seat and she said; “Hassan Omar alichukua kazi zetu zote, sasa
sisi wamama hatujui tutafanya kazi gani.”

Well, a  photo of Hassan Omar ‘looking well-endowed” recently surfaced and many made fun of him claiming that he was giving Vera Sidika a run for her money.

Hassan Omar

Some of the comments include;

Nyakundi: Hassan Omar out here giving Vera Sidika a run for her money.

Amaru: Huyu mwachieni wenzake kina Aisha Jumwa na Mishi Boko tu

Onyango: Bro its no longer Hassan Omar its hASSan Omar!!!

Stalin: seems like Hassan Omar doesn’t trust any bank, carries all his cash in the back pocket

‘Our Politicians Are Like Prostitutes, Boniface Mwangi Tells All

Luki: Hips nazo B 40, W 28, H46

Kinaaip: Hon. Aisha and Mishi can deal with this one. Let him not waste our time.

Yesterday, during an interview with Jeff Koinange on Citizen TV, the bold media personality asked Omar “why are people calling you VERA SIDIKA?’ and his answer was straightforward.

“They were referring to my butt, It is fairly petty by the way. You know what happened is that there are some women who spoke about my butt in a rally. And I can tell you (without fear of contradiction) that there is no issue-based politics anymore in this platform called Nasa. And I can tell you (Nasa co-principal) Musalia Mudavadi was laughing like a 15-year-old. There are certain things in terms of basic political decency when they are said, you have to show disgust. But to them, they try to dehumanize you, they try to humiliate you, simply because you have an opinion different from them,” said Hassan Omar.

Here is the video

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