Marriage is for suckers!

And as was said by David Hannum, “There’s a sucker born every minute!”

I am an avowed and truly zealous love atheist but I am also a thinking man so I usually leave room for doubt and allow myself to learn from different circumstances or different people but more often than not all I see is more reasons to avoid getting trapped in a marriage.

Take a gander at DNG’s case. This sucker paid an arm and a leg for a wedding that led to a marriage that didn’t last a year!

11 Months Later And Millions Of Shillings Poorer, DNG Finally Addresses Divorce Rumours

And it didn’t stop there, he recently opened up about his ex and trust that it was quite rant:

‘My Ex-Wife Had A Really Dark Heart And SHITTY PERSONALITY!’ Confesses DNG

He ranted and raved for quite sometime but he resurfaced with a lass that is undoubtedly hot. And he wants the world to know. I would like to introduce her to you. So take a gander: