The entertainer has spoken about being warned against buying a house for his mother

Comedian Jalango is an embattled man.

His salacious chats with a group on men he called the ‘boys club’s were exposed for sexual predatory behaviour.

The chats on their WhatsApp group were plastered all over social media. In them, they were ranking themselves based on their sexcapades.

All the members of the group are married except for one.

Defending himself, Jalango posted a statement explaining what those chats were about and failing miserably because he did not own up to his folly.

In addition to his statement, Jalango posted a video of black American iconic leader Louis Farrakhan who is the leader of the Nation of Islam.

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In the video, Farrakhan is giving his famous speech from 1995.

“When you see a men fall, don’t laugh, learn. Because you are on your way up and the things that temped people to fall you and I are not free from that temptation nor from the weakness that would cause us to stumble and fall.

When you laugh at somebody else’s fall, white or black, rich or poor, your enemy or your friend you are laughing and opening a way for your own demise when you do that.

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Because to laugh and not learn, to make mockery and not to understand is to make the same mistake yourself.”

This speech was delivered to rally African American communities to stand up against the  economic and social ills afflicting them as well as call for unity among them.

This led to a political demonstration now known as the Million Man March.

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