Willy Paul

I am a huge fan of Willy Paul. Though I do not necessarily go in for gospel music, I am still a fan of his immense talent.

And no one in our generation has contributed quite as much to the culture from the gospel side of the stands quite like Willy Paul. Well, that is actually not an accurate depiction of the way things stand. But it is pretty close.

And still, with all his achievements and wins, with all the firsts he has pulled, he is still a lightning rod for hate. If his hair isn’t being criticised then the way he has chosen to style it will be trolled.

The fact that he is committed to a Muslim lass is also a bone of contention for many; a fact I cannot understand, try as I might. One would think that being under as much pressure as he is, he would have buckled by now but instead, true to form, the rather raw former Mathare slum resident has shown grit: the same grit that saw him elevate himself from the slum.

He posted a rather defiant message to all his haters and I love it! Check out the message below: