The last time an artiste was arrested by KFCB was when one Njau wrote a song about the Kambas and it did not rub Charity Ngilu the right way.

The song Ikamba had been produced to castigate Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu and ridicule members of her community over the logging fiasco in Kitui. Ezekiel Mutua took a stand on the matter based on the film regulation board and action was taken.

This time, some Kamba artiste decided to play a tough game when they did a video that was very sexual. In the video, there is a man and a lady in bed who are demonstrating how the bed game should be done by a man.

Ikamba song creator arrested after public outrage of his inciteful song

He literally lifts the lady up and pounces on her to demonstrate how he is going to get down with her. He even uses a stick and directs it to her nunu. I don’t know about you but this is actually some explicit video. The uproar on social media is now where Ezekiel Mutua is in all this because he is known to be very quick at banning songs yet this one is still accessible to the public.

Watch the video below and be the judge: