Kobi Bryant

Details of how legendary basketballer Kobe Bryant’s chopper crashed has come to light.

A witness narrated how he got alerted to the crash when the chopper flew over his home.

Scott Daehlin told Extra that he was immediately alarmed when he first heard the Sikorsky S-76B hovering directly above him in Calabasas, California, at 9:43 a.m. Sunday.

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Kobi Bryant

“My alarm bells went off because I thought, ‘This is awfully low’,” adding  “20 seconds later I heard the impact.”

He described the chopper crash as a sudden “thump” as it crashed into a fog-covered hill.

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Kobi Bryant
Wreckage of Kobe Bryant’s private chopper

“It was not very loud. You could hear the crushing, collapsing of fibreglass, Plexiglas,” he said, adding the “rotors stopped literally immediately” without an explosion.

“It just all stopped,” he said. “So however the impact happened, it ended very, very quickly. I hope that the occupants didn’t suffer because it was very, very quick.”


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