Johstone Letoya

Transgender Letoya Johnstone is one of the realest people around. She doesn’t subscribe to the “fake it till you make it” school of thought.

Letoya, who comes from a humble background, is never afraid of sharing her past life experience.

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Well, once again she has talked about her life and it’s touching. Letoya Johnstone shared an old photo of her home and accompanied it with a tear-jerking story, which read:

With the rise of FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT, every young person and adults who ought to give us directions have chosen to twist the narrative and show us what social media is adaptable to rather than the reality.! I am not judging people for what they do; that’s their own life. What I know is my true honest self. That deep honesty that pierces normalcy.The world today will show you @equinox Hotel views and all beautiful amazing magical scenarios because they got the opportunity to be there; which is a great thing to do, but again after all the traveling has been done we all go home. Real true home.

Letoya Johnstone

This is how my home is. I took this photo just to show the world who I am honestly. You don’t want to wake up one day and the media thinks that you are a shining diamond that has been old money all your life. In my life, this has been home for several decades. Don’t be fooled by my free done hair, perfect nails, shining legs etc that you see me post here on social media. I can’t even afford a single service in those high-end places. Someone just chose to give me a treat because of kindness in their heart.

The runway model trainer went ahead to reveal hat he wasn’t rich, as many perceived him to be.

Personally, as Letoya Johnstone , I am so broke. Not even broke but extremely broke. My bank account reads zero ( 0) . It’s because I am living below a dollar literally. Sometimes you would even wish that someone can give you that money they are using to buy you expensive alcohol or food but again, you can’t teach people how they spend their money.
It is OK to lack, to be courageous to admit that you are poor. It costs nothing. Personally, I came from nothing completely. That house up there is an incredible improvement.

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Adding that the photo above is what she calls home and she’s proud of it.

If Janet Mbugua, , @voguemagazine or even Naomi Campbell could ask me to take them home in Homa-Bay; this is where I will take them. This is home.
It is by doing the right thing and owning who you are that makes you who you are. Some of us are surviving in Nairobi because we are looking for greener pastures. It is what young and old people do unless you are some @oprah Winfrey. Coming from poverty is normal . When they flaunt theirs, I flaunt this house. It’s what I have!

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