Ngina Kenyatta

President Uhuru and first lady Margaret Kenyatta are great parents.

The power couple is blessed with three lovely children; Jomo, Ngina and Muhoho Kenyatta.

Just like any other caring parents, Uhuru and his wife are good parents to their children.

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Uhuru’s kids are very humble. Unlike their counterparts who thrive on controversy, Ngina and her brothers are very different.

You will never come across photos of them flaunting their parents’ wealth on social media. They prefer to keep away from the limelight.

The only time you will see them in public is during public functions.

In the past, Uhuru’s children were spotted spending time in the country instead of travelling to exotic beaches to have fun like their counterparts.

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Well, the rich kids were having fun at an undisclosed place in one of the city’s suburb.

Here is the photo

Uhuru Kenyatta's Children