Huddah Car

Hot Kenyan socialite Huddah is one of the sexiest female celebrities in the country and men cannot help but stare at her seductive, curvy body.

Huddah likes to floss her flashy lifestyle on her social media, from her expensive travel escapades to her designer jewelry, shoes and handbags.

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The bootylicious lass recently revealed that she had acquired her own penthouse which she bought for a whooping Ksh.50M in the suburb areas of Nairobi city, Lavington.

We all remember when Huddah also acquired a top of the class, Range Rover which she flossed about on social media though there were allegations that it was not hers, until she came out to prove it with a log book.

She recently revealed that she has customised the car with her name and to add icing on the cake, she painted it in shouting baby pink colour. Wow, talk of lanes!

But now, just a day after showing off the expensive UK machine, Huddah as just informed her fans that she will no longer be posting photos of her car and house, because showing off your achievements is blowing your own trumpet.

But don’t worry Team Mafisi, she will still post those half-naked photos of her butt and boobs, oh and lots of sausages!

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Back in 2016, Huddah said she has quit posting photos of her house and car. We hope she means it this time; the internet never forgets;

We live in a generation where by if you DONT flaunt your blessings people think you lack them? ….. I don’t like posting my cars or house which I entirely OWN! Not borrowed or rented Coz after posting I feel some sort of GUILT . 

Asking myself . “IS IT REALLY WORTH IT? ” ofcos NOT! . So from now hence forth you will be seeing my SAUSAGES stories and TRAVEL experiences only ……. Coz on the REAL like I usually say “Talk is CHEAP , anyone can AFFORD it! Especially here on social media and you’ll never see them Log books or title deeds or any documents coz most people are just TALKING , living in a fantasy world and making you think it’s REALITY yet they are also in a dream land (they will say I’m Hating tho )?? ………….

NOT everyone who flaunts has it , and not everyone who doesn’t flaunt lacks the blessings- Know the difference, don’t be fooled! I know too many young ladies who don’t post their shit yet they own TONES of them but me and my struggle I keep showing things that actually can’t amount to a quarter of theirs …. I feel SAD that SOCIAL MEDIA has made me a Slave to it . Bosses, your whole achievements don’t have to be aired ! I’ve personally STOPPED! ?. ???…… Blessed day to all ??



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