Babu Owino

Paul Ongili popularly known as Babu Owino is known for thriving on the controversy.

The Embakasi East MP is always trending for all the wrong reasons and below are things you didn’t know about him.

He recently shot a deejay in the neck

The Embakasi East MP shot DJ Evolve at B Club leaving him fighting for his life.

The disc jockey is currently admitted at the Nairobi Hospital.

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His wife is Kikuyu

Babu and his wife Fridah Muthoni Ongili have been married for nine years. They first met as students at the University of Nairobi. Despite coming from two different tribes, they are so much in love.

The politician has always stood by his wife and recently while defending her, he said,

Not all Kikuyu women are bad as people are putting it, some are angels.

In a past interview with K24, while talking about her better half, Muthoni said,

Not a perfect marriage because we are two imperfect people who have come together… so we just work at it everyday. That’s marriage. When it’s good you enjoy, when it’s bad you just weather it and you just keep moving on.

Muthoni painted a very different picture that is unlike the unruly mheshimiwa we know out here, she said,

He’s actually not as crazy as people think he is, Babu is really chiledl. Maybe what you see, what is in the media and what is exposed that he is insane.

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He is a father of three

He is a father of two daughters and a son. Babu and Fridah are blessed with two adorable daughters.

Babu Owino and his daughters

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Controversial figure

From insulting to trolling people, Babu Owino is good at that. He will do anything to get tongues wagging. The politician has mastered the art of politricks and always hurls insults at his opponents. After insulting McDonald Mariga and late Ken Okoth’s baby mama Anne Thumbi, he came under fire to apologize but he didn’t.

He simply pointed out that he learnt hurling insults from hie elders.

I learnt this politics of hurling insults from my political elders. I listened when Baba was called Mganga consistently(imagine how a mganga’s shrine looks like)when he was called a mad man, conman,when he was called a lord of poverty,when he was called Kipii(uncircumcised), even Trump taught me some,then I devised my own coz I knew that was the right direction given from the politically experienced. Let the old teach us the young the right way and morals of life.No apologies still, Raila must be respected.

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He is the former Sonu leader

He is the longest-serving Sonu (Students Organization of Nairobi University) chair.

Early this year Anne Mvurya Mwangi was elected the first woman to head the students association ever.

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Raila Odinga’s die-hard supporter

The legislator is a die-fan of ODM leader Raila Odinga. He is always protecting him and telling off his critics.


Babu Owino
Raila Odinga, Embakasi East MP and Imran Okoth

He has announced that he is eyeing for the presidential seat come 2027.

He’s a Christian 

He has been pictured severally in churches kneeling down while men of God are praying for him.

Babu Owino

Kuanzia leo siasa ya matusi imeisha lakini atakayeni attack nitamsamehe na kumwombea asije akanitusi tena. Rabuka awabariki hadi mshangae.

He recently said that he was done abusing people, leaving many confused. Did he get saved?

He’s from a humble family background

His father passed away when he was in class three. Left to fend for her family, his mother moved him to Nyalenda slums, Kisumu, where she started to sell Chang’aa (local illicit brew).

In an interview with Citizen TV, he said,

It was a situation whereby if you leave the house in the morning, mum will not mind where you are going and what time you are coming back. No matter what time you returned, there was no food.

Babu passed his KCPE with flying colours and later joined Kisumu Boys. It was tough and at one point he was arrested selling chang’aa.

I was arrested selling chang’aa, a day to my KCSE biological practicals. I was taken to Kisumu Central Police Station where I could not afford Ksh500 to pay for my release as a tot for changa’a was Sh10.