Kenyan celebrities have recently embraced the trend of flaunting their children and better halves on social media. This was never the case, years back.

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Here is a list of Kenyan celebrities who used to show off their children more on social media than they flaunted their better halves.

1. Jaguar
The wealthy singer has four lovely children though he has never shared a photo with any of the baby mamas. But either way, the guy is a responsible dad and we commend him for that!

2. King Kaka 
This top Kenyan rapper has two daughters too, one with fellow singer Sage and another with his wife, Nana Owiti. Back then, he rarely shared photos of Nana, and the only time he posted one of Sage was during Mothers Day back in 2015.

Nowadays, King Kaka’s relationship with his wife is all over social media.

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3. Director Ezy – Talia Oyando’s Boyfriend
His real name is Ezekiel Onyango aka Ezy, Talia Oyando’s boyfriend and baby daddy. They broke up a while back, but when they were dating you would rarely see photos of her on his Instagram. He mostly puts up pics of their son Lyric Onyango.

4. Nameless
We don’t mean to say that he does not value his celebrity wife, but he mostly posts photos of his two adorable daughters, Tumiso and Nyakio more than he posts of Wahu. But we all know he is an adoring father and husband.

But of late he has been posting his wife, unapologetically.

5. DJ John Rabar
The talented Homeboyz deejay is the baby daddy to Capital FM radio presenter and MC, Amina Mohammed Abdi. They have a son Tumi, together, but it’s very rare to see him post photos of his chic or of them together.

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6. Nonini
The King of Genge has a cute son Jay Jay, who he proudly flaunts on social media, but he has never revealed the mother to the boy nor posted her photo on social media.

Nonini we want to see the ‘mama mtoto’.

7. Actress Brenda Wairimu
She is Juliani’s ex-girlfriend, and they have a beautiful baby girl together, but she never posts any photos of him.

Brenda has never shown her daughter’s full face on social media, but from the sneak peeks, you can tell she’s pretty.

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8. Nazizi
The ragga singer has the most handsome son Tafari Firoz, who’s 5 years old and is always posting photos of him and it’s obvious that she adores him.

She separated from the baby daddy and husband ut takes care of her son, so we understand why she can’t post a pic of him.

9. Jalang’o
He is not only one of Kenya’s top comedians but is also a father to a sweet girl, Sally, whom he loves. He posts pics of her but rarely shared photos of the baby mama and the wife until recently.

Jalangoo and his wife
Amina Chao
Jalango and Amina Chao

Jalang'o and Amina Jalang'o and Amina

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