Larry Madowo

Larry Madowo has gone there. He has penned a painfully honest article calling out a number of celebrities for being brats, prima donas, jerks and the big ‘A-hole’.

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Here is the list of stars that Larry has interviewed and interacted with for his NTV show, The Trend. He either brands them as exemplary or downright bratty.

The celebrities that he abhorred and never wants to meet ever again are…

  1. Lupita Nyongo

Larry narrates the reason why he thinks Lupita is a first class Prima Donna.

“She had confessed to me in a previous interview that she missed ugali but didn’t know how to make it, which set Kenyan social media alight. She was detached and appeared bored throughout the rest of the interview, which prompted some to say she didn’t value African presenters, compared with her American appearances. The interview ended abruptly when I asked about reports that she was a prima donna and I was ushered out without a picture.”

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2. Gold medalist and celebrated athlete David Rudisha.

Larry slammed Rudisha for “consistently” refusing to come on  The Trend. He describes his refusal as one filled with a repertoire of “ever-expanding list of excuses”.

3. Jimmy Gait

Larry did not spare gospel singer Jimmy Gait who just released a new song. He says Jimmy is a self-involved star who doesn’t care that his last minute cancellation leads to throwing the whole program in disarray.

Larry wrote, “Even that is still better than Jimmy Gait, who cancelled last October in a text message to producer Kevin Gitau, then refused to answer calls.”

4. Koffi Olomide

Larry put the Congolese Lingala legend on blast because he had booked in advance to be on the show only for him to go to Lillian Muli’s Friday Night show moments before he was deported.

5. Flavour

Larry Madowo picks a fight with the Nigerian heartthrob Flavour by calling him a huge drama king. Larry says Flavour was slated to appear on his Friday show, weeeeeeellllllll in advance but do you know when he did? He canceled. Reason for cancellation?

“Flavour reportedly had drama with immigration officers when he arrived that ruined his mood,” Larry explained.

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6. Sinach

Gospel singer Sinach was also branded a diva of sorts by Larry Madowo’s article. He wrote, “Sinach wouldn’t leave her hotel room.” That was all the excuse he gave. Oh well!

7. Nyashinski

Larry brands the Mungu Pekee hitmaker as a sly greedy fox who doesn’t refuse the offer of an interview, doesn’t cancel and doesn’t even bother to give and excuse.

“Every so often, there is also a guest like Nyashinski who confirms, then stops answering calls and ends up on another station station.”

Even with all those nasty encounters with the personalities, Larry explains that there are those he looks forward to interviewing again.

The celebrities he liked and were a joy to have on the show were,

  1. South Africa’s iconic jazz maestro Hugh Masekela
  2. British-Nigerian actor David Oyelowo
  3. American singer Aloe Blacc
  4. American RnB heartthrob Trey Songz
  5. Kenya’s football darling Victor Wanyama
  6. Mafikizolo
  7. Oliver Mtukudzi
  8. Yemi Alade
  9. British rapper Tinie Tempah
  10. Chameleone
  11. Alaine
  12. Mi Casa
  13. South African celebrity chefs Benny Masekwameng and Siba Mtongana

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