Every lady wants to look good when it comes to rocking different hairstyles. Others prefer having the same hairstyle, an example is those who rock dreadlocks.

Well, women are different in taste when it comes to hair, some prefer weaves, others dreadlocks, while others prefer keeping it natural, and there are those who like to go bald, yet others rock braids or cornrows.

So it happens that men can tell a lot about a woman with the kind of hairstyle she is rocking. Here is what your hairstyles apparently say about you, according to men.

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1. Ladies With Natural Hair
The type of women who prefer natural hair tend to be more reserved and known for simplicity. Men tend to think that they are confident, real, cool more genuine and proud of who they are. Above all, they are easy to maintain, compared to a woman who wears a Ksh.5,000 weave/wig.


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2. Ladies With Dreadlocks
These ladies are free-spirited and fun and tend to be emotional. Dreadlocks were once associated with Reggae fanatics but nowadays things are different, even classy women can rock dreadlocks and look good in them. Such women are also known to be cautious with time, lack sophistication and others are less feminine.


3. Bald Headed Women
Such women come out as very adventurous, risk-takers and are usually up for anything, more like care-free. Other men depict bald women as weak, disadvantaged, undesirable but that’s a few. However, when going bald, get an opinion from male friends who are honest to tell you if the shape of your head can look good if bald. Others are just tom-boys since that’s the easiest hairstyle to maintain.

Bald Headed


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4. Women With Weaves/Wigs Or Extensions
The women who rock weaves are not so pleasing to most men. They tend to come out as sophisticated, not confident, complicated, fake, social climbers, have low self-esteem, unhygienic, too ambitious and Westernized. Others put on weaves to look like someone they saw on TV or look classy and worldly. For most men, they complained that when it comes to having sex with a lady with a weave or extensions, it’s not as fun since they can’t run their hands through their hair.

A certain guy told me this about weaves: “This is where the shit’s going down… Between the awkward scratching of the head to the awful smell, the guy has a reason to take a business trip over the weekend to run off this nightmare.”


5. Women Who Prefer Braids/Cornrows
These women are thought to love their African culture, are proud of their African background, happy people, not so complicated, are easy to maintain and other are less feminine but still want to keep their heads looking good. It also shows that they are patient (sitting down to get braids done takes a whole lot of patience).


Do you think that hairstyles actually tell a lot about a woman?

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