A prison officer had affairs with two inmates at the same time, having s3x with one while he was on day release and sending explicit images of herself in notes to another.

Kendall, 39, is still in a relationship with one of the inmates in question and Googled whether or not it was okay for her to have s3x with a prisoner.

She changed her name to Chelsea to try and cover her tracks as she trained to be a prison officer at when she began an affair with Luke Davis.

She began another affair with Stan, her current partner while continuing the other for six months.

But she and Stan were spotted in an enclosed kitchen area, which the inmate was not permitted to access.

Stan was immediately ‘segregated’ from other inmates, and when warders searched his cell they found  ‘explicit’ letters.

Police later searched Kendal’s home and discovered that in January last year she had begun a relationship with another inmate.

Officers found photographs of the mother-of-one ‘in various state of undress’, which she had sent to Davis, and discovered a passport in the name of Kendall.

Kendall, who now works as a call handler, was questioned and admitted having ‘inappropriate relationships’.

She also admitted to a senior officer that she was aware that passing love letters to prisoners was wrong.

Mr Mould said: ‘She said that Stan had helped her when she was new to the wing and she saw him more as a colleague than a prisoner and all the letters she wrote to him were all fantasy.’

Mr Mould said she had breached the prison motto: ‘Don’t Cross The Line’.

The court heard that she had googled ‘Is sleeping with a prisoner criminal?’ Her phone also contained internet search terms such as ‘inappropriate relationships with an inmate’, ‘s3xual relationships with an inmate’ and ‘misconduct in public office’.

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She pleaded guilty to two charges of misconduct while in public office.

A psychiatric report said she was possibly suffering from a personality disorder which causes her to take risks.

She was given a nine month jail sentence, suspended for two years. She was also ordered to do 200-hours of unpaid community work and 25 days of rehabilitation.