Romy and Diamond

Babu Tale, Diamond’s manager, says they sought witchcraft intervention to prevent rain on Saturday during the Wasafi festival, which happened all night long.

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Tale told Bongo 5 just before the event that, “Nikuambie, hapa tulipo tunaangaika kupigia simu waganga kuzuia mvua jumamosi. Unawaza, nani anakuzuilia mvua, kwa hiyo unatoka nje ya box. Kila unayemuona anakimbilia kwa mganga amefikiria zaidi huyo. Ameshindwa kuona hapa nitasaidiwa na dua za Mwenyezi Mungu. Kwa hivyo anatoka nje ya box.

Diamond Rolls Royce
Diamond posing with a sleek black Rolls Royce

“(We are trying to call witch doctors to stop rain on Saturday. If you see anyone going to witchdoctors, they have really overthought. They have failed to see that their prayers to God will help them).”

Asked whether he and WCB crew have been used to seeking witchdoctors for help, he said, “It’s normal. I’m African.”

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TBT of Babu tale and Diamond
TBT of Babu tale and Diamond

Adding that what keeps Diamond on top of the music industry is the risks he takes in businesses.

“Diamond ni mtu wa kuthubutu. Yeye ni risk-taker. Anaweka pesa kwenye project yake bila kuogopa. Hakuna biashara bila kuekeza. (Diamond is daring. He is a risk-taker. He invests a lot of money in his projects without fear cause there is no business without investment).”

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Adding, “I started hanging out with Diamond when I had more money than him. Right now, he has more money than I have, but his respect for me is still intact.”

He says at WCB, it’s not always easy because they have their own differences at times.

Esma Khan, Diamond’s sister, also admitted in an interview last year that she has sought witchdoctor’s help to protect her cosmetic business.

The event was attended by Nigerian stars Tiwa Savage and Wizkid.

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