Sponsors have become a necessity in the lives of Kenyan women. You are not a complete woman if you don’t have a sponsor! You have no say before your friends if you are “sponsorless”. You need one, two or even ten and you will fit into that peer group. When your pals start bragging about how Mr. Onyango the engineer, Mr. Kamau the farmer, Mr. Kerich the wheat farmer or the 86-year-old Mzungu gave her Sh100,000 to furnish her bedsitter and how she spent the whole weekend in Zanzibar, mami, you also have to be on top of the game and tell them how that sponsor of yours treated you so that they can rate you whether ako down or not.

Well, recently, I wrote an article on the types of women Kenyan sponsors like and I received a lot of feedback on that story. Some comments were pretty cool but others were so funny, I died of laughter. Even as I’m writing this, I’m almost on the floor.

“Hapo umesema ukweli, I once sponsored a chic who stayed in Umoja. All I could do was visit her smash then namuwachia 10k ajisort the whole month…” This comment by a Facebook pal almost broke my ribs.

Here Are The Types Of Women Kenyan Sponsors Like

Anyway, all that said and done, today I would like to talk about what really makes a good sponsor or rather the qualities of a sponsor. With the help of my colleagues, here are the 8 qualities or ways of spotting a good Kenyan sponsorĀ of a Kenyan sponsor, go through and comment at the end of the article.