Just last week John (not his real name) confessed to us about how he had slept with three prostitutes in one night. We live in a country where people pretend to be conservative but behind closed doors, do the craziest of things. This past Thursday, John once again went out to prove his sexual prowess and shared with us his story;

“For some reason, Thursdays are becoming my new Fridays. Yesterday after work I headed straight to SJ. Now there is this poko that I have never had an appetite for but last night she was looking sexy n this got my nyege shooting high. We got to negotiations, punch (500 bob) shoti na 2k kulala…told her nina 300 bob pekee ya shoti. She then told me that she can agree, but I need to buy her a drink, nikamwambia siko poa. Akanambia nisiende mahali as she quickly heads to the ladies. After 10 minutes I spot another poko (thinking the first poko might have gone for a shot) n we got to negotiations….500 bob shoti na 2500 kulala. Told her nina 300 bob, akasema niongeze mia moja basi (rembr all this time we are negotiating, am busy caressing her thighs)…kidogo yule wa kwanza akarudi na kunipata na huyu, she whispered “wewe una tabia mbaya sana, sawa tu!” And left. Mimi nyege zikanizidia nikaenda na huyu shoti…kumalizana narudi kulewa”

“After close to an hour, yule poko wa kwanza comes to me na kuuliza “huyo alikuwa mtamu?” I told her “ni mtamu lakini nataka onja utamu wako pia.” She then said shoti ni 400 bob….eti mia moja ni penalty for picking another poko while we hadn’t concluded our negotiations, I agreed. Kumalizana nikarudi kulewa, the music wasn’t bad either, so I stayed a little longer huku nikitafuta poko wakulala. Finally I picked one wa kulala for 2k”

As usual this guy’s legendary sexual exploits are accompanied with photos (we are baffled as to how he manages to take them). Click on the next page to see the photos;