A Kenyan rapper has revealed some intimate details of her high school fantasies that got her expelled from school.

Rapper Xtatic who recently bagged a lucrative recording deal said she was expelled from her high school for acting and dressing “boyish”.

In a Facebook post from 2017, Xtatic narrates the ordeal.

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“I remember after being expelled from my second high school for ‘apparently conducting lesbian activities’ which was actually a backup plan by the board because I used to act “Boyish” they said, also because I could not confess to having any hand to some strike … By that you can definitely see that they really wanted me out of the school,” Xtatic said in a Facebook post.

The long winding post then moves on to more steamy confessions.

“You know, at that instance I was thinking about this one girl 😭 who had a really nice body and would walk around the dorm naked and shit and would sometimes oil herself beside my bed … intentionally. Turned even the straight girls on who were in denial and shit and trying to act like they don’t stare.
One day, I had a panic attack turned hysteric and all, and she remained back in the dorm to look after a sister and she took a bath and came to give me stories naked while she oiled herself, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, do I remember wtf she was talking about? NOPE … and the fact that nothing happened, just made me snap out of that memory and I stormed out on the board angry as hell. I’m sure my dad must have been like, ” Look at this bitch, It’s my place to do that” but I guess he was just confused what my anger was all about.”

Fans are wondering if this is Xtatic’s way of outing herself.

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Xtatic describes how the conversation went with her dad.

“Oh yeah, so my dad was there with me and the board, and when they brought out the lesbian claims I actually blurted out, “Oh, now, I really wish I could have done something all those girls who were really into me but avoided them … because rules”. Like have you ever imagined being punished for stealing and eating chocolate you never did but now wished you did if all they can do is say that you did with no evidence.”

Adding, “I was SO angry that that night he tried to come at me with, “Sweety …” which is my pet name, “LESBIAN?” And I was like, “Dad, you of all people shouldn’t even be complaining when you are ALWAYS tell me to stay away from boys” …
UMH… let’s just say it didn’t go well after that. Anger shouldn’t have spoken for me, that’s all.🤣 Although, nothing dramatic happen. My dad never could speak that much sober let alone do much, so he went out to get a couple of drinks, came back and had those 6-hour rants where he would go off topic and doze off while at it. But I could still draw out her body to this day. 😭😭😭”

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