A wedding day is a very special day for the bride to be and her mother. This is the day most mothers have been waiting for ever since they had their daughters and most daughters waited for this day ever since they were flower girls at their older relatives’ weddings.

They dreamt of the day their prince charming would stand at the altar waiting to receive them and they would ride of into the sunset (after the wedding) and into a fantastic honeymoon and even better life.

That is probably why women go overdrive when it comes to their weddings. They want a pristine affair complete with horse drawn carriages and damned by the costs!
Many a man is often relegated to either being a bystander or a yes man.

And sometimes our women get things wrong. They get things oh so horribly wrong. And when that happens, boobs suffer. And I was traw;ling the internet to find proof of this and trust that I would find it on Kenyan Talk.

The bride and her bridesmaids got exposed as you can see below:


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