African female celebrities are becoming a nuisance. The are always copying their counterparts from America the likes of Kim Kardashian, J-lo to Beyonce. Everyone wants to live a flashy lifestyle just like them even copying their dressing code.

International Female Stars Dress Leaving Little To The Imagination And Leave Men Drooling (PHOTOS)

Recently, during the Kilimanjaro Awards that was held at Milimani City Hotel in  Dar es salaam, many Tanzanian musicians  graced the red carpet rocking glamorous outfits but for some, it didn’t work; they were left exposed and humiliated.  Faiza Ally was the victim here, she dressed scantly leaving many wagging tongues.



This was not the first time, as many have questioned her dressing code especially while attending events. She dressed in a shirt during the Zari All White Party.



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