Many people are interested in finding out who the guy who’s eating Huddah Monroe’s goodies is. Aren’t you? Although the boss lady hasn’t revealed the identity of the mysterious boyfriend, she has recently been posting a lot about her love life, and it’s just interesting.

Huddah Monroe Has A New Boyfriend and She Wants Everyone To Know How Big His ‘Okufuaf’ Is

After telling us how she has been in a relationship for four years with the guy that she only introduced as D.S, Huddah is back again bragging how she dumps men when she feels like it.

This p*ssy good, got niggas coming back like they never left… All my exes are addicted to me… They keep running around in circles. I’m like drugs to these n*ggas. They can’t live without me. Love you all too. I’ll pray for you all.

“When I move on, I never look back; it’s throwing up and taking it back. Sooo.. I believe there’s a reason why the relationship never worked. There’s a reason why God take some people away from your life. Some come as blessings and some as lessons. Learn to differentiate. I have never been dumped tho… I’m always dumping till I get what I’m looking for.” she posted on social media.

If you’re considering dating Huddah, you should be ready to be dropped like a sack of potatoes anytime; she’s the boss apparently.

“Always having the upper hand in my relationships. No CONTROLLA. That’s why they run back. I break up because of my mood swings, I just wake up and feel like I don’t to see this man EVER again. And I’ll text. Yeah, I’m the type. “Good morning Mr, it’s high time we sipped communicating.” And that’s how it all ends.”

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