In Kenya, anyone having a well-endowed body; big assets and is ready to show them off to the public to gain fame is referred to as a socialite. While some socialites have succeeded in the business i.e Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe, others still struggle for a place in the competitive “industry”.

Mpasho Investigates Inside The Mind Of A Kenyan Socialite Part 1: The Rise And Fall Of Kenyan Socialites

We have seen many in the past try to join the socialites family but failed miserably, maybe because they were not appealing to the public or their “game is down” and the best examples are Valmy Kanyiri, Cuppie Ayokya, Judy Anyango.

Well, if you want to become a socialite, all you need or rather the requirements include big boobs, a big behind, appearance at events, professional photo shoot, twerk video and Instagram account, just to mention but a few. This year we have had many wannabes join the socialite industry but failed terribly just like their counterparts. (Click on the link below)

8 Kenyan Women Who Attempted to Become Socialites but Failed Terribly (PHOTOS)

From the ratchet socialite Pesh Lema to Bridget Achieng’ the wannabe socialite, below is a list of women who attempted to become socialites but failed terribly in 2015, go through