Good girls gone bad are everywhere.

It is becoming a stylish fad. G

irls kissing each other seems to turn on team mafisi sacco.

They go crazy and drool buckets full of saliva. 

Here is a list of Kenyan personalities who have kissed a girl and well… liked it. Here is Kenya’s own version of naughty babes…


Singer Avril made headlines when photos of a ‘make out’ session with another lady leaked. Avril later came out to say the photos were stage-managed and they were part of a ‘university project’.

Avril was studying architecture.

Check out a photo from the session.



Noti Flow

Singer Noti Flow has not made a secret of the fact that she loves to mess around with good looking beauties, for both the male and female species.

She has kissed many girls and even bragged about it. Noti Flow was featured in the remake of Art Attack’s song Same Love that Ezekiel Mutua banned.

Here is a photo of Noti kissing a girl and looking like she lurves it.


Soila Cole

Soila is a pretty, stunning chic with a hot bod to boot. She has been linked to Noti Flow. Heck, the two have posted photos on Instagram that looked like they are just from getting busy with each other.

All weekend. Soila played Noti Flow’s love interest in the music video that was banned by Kenya Film and Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua. Check out their smooching photo.


Bridget Achieng

Bridget Achieng is a popular plus-size model and socialite. She also organises happening shindigs that bring the boys to the yard for a milkshake – yaani, she organises hype events. The light-skinned voluptuous woman is loved by team mafisi because of posting half naked photos on her social media platforms. Check her out at a past event kissing her sister Catherine Atieno.

bridgetachieng and catherine atieno


Vanessa Chettle

Vanessa Chettle is the queen of shot-gunning. I have just learnt that there is something called shot-gunning. This is where a sizzling hot babe, ‘A’, blows smoke – preferably shisha smoke – into equally sizzling hot babe, ‘B’. When carrying out this exercise, the lips have to be pressed close together.

Anyhow, Vanessa has been photographed kissing different girls during and after a night out of heavy partying. And shot-gunning some. Check out the photos.

Rapper Tizz Tiziana

Here is introducing female rapper Tizz Tizianna, a former Kenyatta University student. Tiziana loves kissing girls. A lot. Like a lot. She has been photographed exchanging saliva with fellow bandmate Kyki Su, severally.

tizi tiziana

Huddah Monroe and Zari


Before Zari Hassan and Huddah Monroe’s friendship ended in a public spat, they were bossom buddies. I cannot say for sure the two exchanged saliva but I’m sure team mafisi fantasize about it. The above photo looks like they were about to lock lips.


Comedian Shaniqua also loves the ladies. The Jameni TV star is photographed planting one of a bedazzled female fan.


Salma and Saumu Mbuvi

Does Nairobi senator Mike ‘Sonko’ Mbuvi know his girls have been bad? Well they have been. When Salma posted a photo of herself kissing her sister Saumu on Instagram, the internet people went stark raving mad. Here it is…