Bridget Achieng is a woman I wouldnae ever want to be on the wrong side of. When she goes off on a tangent, the resultant bloodshed is something of Biblical proportions.

She recently took to her Youtube account to address her haters; perceived or otherwise and she took aim in particular at Pendo and Cuppie Ayokya. Now, for those of you not aware, the two (Pendo and Bridget) have a storied history that culminated in Pendo being pummeled like a man who was trying to get away with not paying a harlot her dues.

What I mean, is that Pendo was beaten up and I was there to get the video. That was back then. Today however, Bridget Achieng opted to go with a different tactic altogether, she simply put Pendo on blast! And in the video she claims Pendo is a sneak disser, but she really reserved her worst insults for Cupppie Ayokya.

I must however warn you that you have too take the video with a pinch of salt and be prepared for the “French” that flows fast and thick!

Cupppie Ayokya according to Bridget has to wear adult diapers and owes Kenyans an explanation about how she chooses to use her butthole…That’s right, we spoke to both Pendo and Cuppie Ayokya about the allegations that were levelled against them in the video and what they said was:

And Pendo on her part said: