Kenyan Women Beads

Blankets & Wines used to be the premier society event for the young crowd. That was until they let us in. We made it more down to earth (read: ratchet).

My fondest memory of Blankets & Wine was when I was at home watching Nigeria Beat Cote D’ Ivoire and Robert Alai claimed I was caught fingering some lass at Blankets and Wine. Ah yes, good times.

what the fuck lol

But back to the lecture at hand. I came across a lass who epitomizes what Blankets & Wine has become. Actually, right now the flagship event is in Uganda and that is where the events of this tale unfolded.

I have no idea whether walking about pantiless is a fashion statement or not… I cannot imagine that it would be comfortable in such a dress, though, especially given the weather. There I go again getting ahead of myself.

What I meant to say was, the lass in question was prancing about pantiless in a slit top (I SWEAR I HAD TO ASK MY FEMALE COLLEAGUE FOR IT’S NAME). A slit top is one of those dresses that split at the waist to only cover the front and rear so most sensible lasses rock them with tights. They cannot be a sensible choice for anyone going pantiless — commando, if you will.

This is what I am yammering about:

Ugandan Blankets and Wine

At least she had the sense to wear a bra.

what the fuck shock lol