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Ask any other man and they will tell you; there’s no pain like that one feels when you hurt your genitals. Men’s penises and balls mean everything to them. Rob a man of all his earthly belongings but DON’T dare rob him of his manhood!

Now, our sources in Murang’a county inform us that police in Kiharu have been accused of allegedly pulling a man’s genitals and leaving him with injuries during an arrest early today. The officers from Kangoci police station arrested Joseph Mwangi, 31, for allegedly carrying bhang.

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His aunt Jane Wanjiku said he was apprehended at about 9pm in a bar at Gacharu shopping centre where she was selling soup. Wanjiku said the police officers undressed Mwangi while taking him to their vehicle.

“I pleaded with him not to resist arrest. He complied but they dropped his clothes to his feet and started pulling his private parts,” she said.


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The man was taken to Murang’a hospital for treatment before being taken to the cells. Mwangi denied the charge of peddling weed when he was taken to court. He was granted Sh50,000 bond and remanded to Murang’a prison.

County police commander Naomi Ichami said investigations were launched.


“If it is found that he was manhandled the responsible officers will be held accountable,” she said in her office.