Wannabe socialite Marjorie Julie Minage is not new to controversy. A while back, she sparked controversy after publicly confessing her love for a popular politician on social media.

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Her fancy lifestyle made many jump to the conclusion that there was more than meets the eye between the two. It was alleged that she is his “mpango wa kando”.

However, sometime last year Julie came out to deny reports that she’s linked to the affluent politician claiming she posed for the photo that went viral after being begged by her lover.

Since then, little has been heard from her. Julie has been trying to keep a low profile but as they say old habit die hard.

Once in a while, this lass leaves tongues wagging after baring her sexy body for all to see, posting photos of herself holding a gun, swimming in money and what have you.

From the look of things, Julie has decided to take it up a notch. Her nude photos have been doing rounds on the internet and because we are nice people, we shall share!

Here are the photos:

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