The economy has hit hard.


I have no idea what that means but that is what the mutura guy says to me everytime I buy some. I am lying, I do not eat any but my bredren Xola loves the stuff. I never can quite get over the fact that the last time I had any I ended up betrothed to the toilet. Fortunately, it was a short-lived 3day nuptial.

But it would seem the same economy the guy keeps chiming on about is affecting university students and they aren’t too happy about it. I came across a story doing the rounds on these damn interwebs about a South African institution called Witwatersrand where the folk are upset about impending fee increments.

And rightly so, hii pesa sio ya mama ya mutu! And so I have decided to share the images and videos from this topless protest in the hope that Kenyan university students will learn a thing or two about how to effectively protest.

Protesting isn’t about having the populace running from you and leaving hatred beating in their hearts, it’s about having the populace embrace and even empathize with your cause -and tits are the answer!

click for video