Kenya is simply an awesome country. Our diversity and rich culture makes our nation unique. Kenya is among the most diverse countries with numerous tribes such as Luo, Luhya, Kikuyu, Kamba and Maasai just to mention but a few. Our languages vary from tribe to tribe and that’s why at times, we may encounter miscommunication.

For instance, when one says ‘head’ in the Maragoli language, it means something totally different and explicit in the Bukusu yet they are all Luhyas, albeit different subtribes. The language barrier (a figurative phrase used primarily to indicate the difficulties faced when communicating with others while speaking multiple languages) is common and at times, people end up fighting due to poor communication or lack of understanding.

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Well, with the help of my Kikuyu friend Mr Chege, we compiled a list of 10 most disgusting Kikuyu words which mean something different in other communities.

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1. Keino – Vagina

This is a name given to man in the Kalenjin community but in the Kikuyu community, it means something totally different – a vjay.


2. Kimee – Vagina


3. Firingi – foreskin

4. Kihii – An uncircumcised boy

what the fuck shock lol

5. Karago – Uncircumcised girl/woman

funny 3

6. Ngui – dog


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7. Ngoma – Devil

It means a drum in Swahili but in Kikuyu, it means a devil.

devil lol
8. Itina – Buttocks


9. Njuga mai – The hairs between the buttcrack


10. Kang’ura – Clitoris