I love a lass that can say alot without saying alot. It’s an art very few have mastered. Layering the silence more than the statement is a truly understated skill.


Bridgette Achieng isn’t one of the lasses who are refined in the ways of subtlety. She calls a spade a spade and proceeds to bash you with it right over the head.
She has a Youtube channel on which she posts her vlogs. The interesting thing about it is that it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It is an honest to goodness unadulterated take on issues that affect Kenya’s females as told by the new queen of ratchetry.

And I love it!

And before we get to the matter at hand, I have to share some of the thirst trap photos she has posted on social media. I would be remiss not to :

Now that that has been sorted, let us get to what brought us here.

SHAME! Corazon Kwamboka’s Alleged Father Comes Forward Asking, “Where Do You Get Your Money From?”

Bridgette Achieng was once part of the world of what kenyans like to call socialites. To the rest of the world however, the term they would use in it’s stead is “trollops”. You know the type. They are always flying off to either South Africa, Lagos or Dubai and Miami where they post up at dope hotels but we all know THEY DO NOT EARN ENOUGH TO RESULT IN SEARCH EXOTIC HOLIDAYS.

I am reminded of Mugabe Sayings, one of which says;

“When a beautiful girl lacks brains, her private parts will suffer”

Anyway, Bridgette Achieng had this to say on these socialites:

Her admission has opened the door to questions that lasses such as Lola Hannigan, Corazon Kwamboka and all the other trollops need to clear the air on. The truth is, most people do not call them out because they are beautiful but the truth is, there are questions that need answers.

“Tunajua Ni Biashara Gani Unafanya, Uza Tu!” Socialite Calls Vera Sidika A Prostitute [Video]