Every woman dreams of having a loving and caring a man. A man who will climb mountains for her and of course one who is good in bed.
Why do you think women cheat?

Men From These Kenyan Tribes Have The Biggest “Bananas”

Women want their men to do alot of things to them in bed and here are just some of the few things;

  1. Take charge

Kenyan Men

2. A little roughness

Kenyan Men

3. A man who makes some noise

Kenyan Men

4. Dirty talk



5. Treat her like a prostitute

what the fuck lol

Men want a woman who can be a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets.

Along the same vein, a Kenyan woman has come out to expose Kisii men who she claims will thrash your honey pot leaving you nursing injuries until you take painkillers to ease the pain.

“Woi, a kisii man will nyandua you until! you take a painkiller after that! Very unromantic! Utaambiwa si utoe hiyo #suruar! After that miguu zako zinawekwa juu karibu ishike roof! He’ll hit you till you fall off the bed and he won’t stop! Bora amebaki na nunu kwa kitanda he won’t care aout your head being on the floor! Atasugua nunu hadi ufikirie ni kichwa cha mtoto kinatoka huko….Mimi a Kisii man is a no no.”

There you have it from the horses mouths. I hope Kisii men will read this and try be romantic.

Sex isn’t about thrashing her unmentionables like you’re ass whacking grass.