Porn Hub is among the top ten sites that Kenyans check out. DAILY. Without fail.

It is therefore no surprise that a Kenyan sexologist would be minting money from oversexed clients.

Maurice Matheka is known for providing sex-education to married women. Their husbands are not happy about this. However, some are embracing the fact that they actually need to know how to make their wives or their mpango wa kandos reach cloud nine.

Otherwise, fuckboys and Ben 10s will take over their territories.

‘Insert Your Fingers In Her “Nunu” And …..,’ Sexologist Matheka Continues To Teach Kenyan Men How To Make Her Squirt

One of his clients asked him for help. The only problem is, she is based in Embu and she couldn’t attend any of his live sessions.

She wrote,

“We have just seen your post in a group on Facebook and we were wondering whether you could teach us about squirting through social media platforms like Whatsapp. I have attended your sessions but I heard a lot about you and your work. We are in Embu and eager to learn at a fee, all we ask is that you instruct us step by step. Will that be possible?”

Maurice replied,

Well, I normally prefer a one on one session to maximize on the success rate but as long as you are attentive and you can follow instructions we may just achieve your wanted results. I am assuming it will be you and your partner?

Her response was,

“It’s a long story, I am married but my partner for today is female, she is my girlfriend. We are both bi-sexual.”

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The couple were instructed via Whatsapp voice notes. They were instructed on how to manipulate the pussy appropriately to get the waterworks turned on.

Here is the review after the session.

“Maurice, that was intense. Your instructions were on point and even though my first attempt failed as I was getting the hang of it, it finally happened. Wow she squirted. It was amazing. You were right, the initial communication between myself and her was crucial to our success. Tonight, it will be her trying it on me, I can’t wait.”

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