Joseph Hellon, the jazz maestro who is permanently etched in the collective psyche of Kenyans for his involvement in the Esther Arunga-Quincy Timberlake and their love story that captivated the nation.

Joseph Hellon, however, is no longer involved with Quincy Timberlake and he has since settled into a nice, quiet life, only occasionally raising his head to make some statement then settling back into his silent life.

Check out what he had to tell men about making love to their wives below:

A woman’s four seasons

All women are designed as life givers. This design determines their needs and responses to aspects of physical expressions of affection. A life giver operates through a cycle that supports life. As a sexual being, she has seasons when she is not very responsive to sex. This is in deep contrast to the way men operate. Men are always ready for sex. A caring man should understand the seasons of a woman as he practices self control and deep empathy. Since men don’t carry new life within them, they aren’t subject to seasons of life in a sexual way.

The seasons of a woman can be likened to the four seasons of the earth. These are Summer, Autumn, Spring and Winter. In her Summer season, she’s at an all time high and hot. The sun burns bright at noon. This is the time she’s most responsive to sexual relations. Her Autumn sees her cool down and she becomes somewhat reserved. Winter comes and the man thinks he’s been left out in the cold. She is sexually cold at this point. Spring arrives and she begins to warm up again as her choice of colours brighten and her laughter prolongs. She becomes playful and talkative. At this time, she begins to prepare for her Summer all over again.

A man should understand these biological seasons of a woman. He could be ready for her when she’s in Winter. He should never feel rejected or abandoned. He should turn all his sexual energies into rich conversation, encouragement and comfort. During the colder seasons, a woman deeply desires the warmth of a man.

Men should therefore be considerate and respectful to their wives in sexual matters. They should know that a woman’s body is designed to reproduce and has a reproductive cycle. With this kind of understanding, rape, including marital rape, can be eliminated. Sensitivity, care, patience and affection should dominate the man’s mind as he relates to the woman.

Since women experience sexual union differently from men, it would help if men put these different biological seasons in mind as they move towards building beautiful relationships. A man needs to create an environment suitable for the woman’s unique biological clock of affection. A man who understands this will always be rewarded with the kind of passion that many a man is deficient of.