Days are gone when ladies would stay at home especially at night and do something constructive. Nowadays, Kenyan women compete with men in everything; from ruling a home to partying, they have turned the tables.

Whenever you visit any entertainment joints, you will be amazed by the number of women at that particular place. In most cases, the ratio of women to men is always 6:1. Over the weekend, I had a chance to party at a popular city nightclub and was surprised by what I saw. Unlike other clubs where you will find teens partying till dawn, this one was different, married groupies are the customers here.

I could see a lot of married women with their spouses flocking the club and as time went on after sipping 1 or two, several of them making their way to the strippers pole “stage” where masculine, tall and dark men (male “dancers”) were. As the men “danced” you could hear screams from every corner of the clubs; to symbolize they were happy with the male “dancers”.