prostitutes in kenya

They say, work is work or rather, wera ni wera (in simple Kenyan language). Whether it is taking care of dead bodies in a morgue, selling vegetables at Muthurwa market or hawking your flesh for money (prostitution). No one cares about that, as long as it puts bread on your table at the end of the day.

Well, apart from all the jobs in Kenya, prostitution is still one of the booming business in the country despite the hard economic times. Brothels are mushrooming in every corner of the country, every day and this is a clear indication that demand is high.

Though prostitution is not legal in Kenya, the law is rarely enforced and it still takes place every time even in broad daylight. Brothels in Nairobi operate pretty much like any small business. Visitors select from a line-up of women in heavy make-up and scanty clothing, they negotiate a price and pay a for room (this happens both in brothels and along the streets such as the famous Koinange Street). Prostitution is indeed booming bizniz.

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Despite prostitution being illegal in Kenya, men throng brothels to quench their thirst without caring about the consequences they might face apart from being arrested, contracting an STD or getting drugged. Just like a normal hotel, prostitutes charge different prices depending on the type of “meat” you want to be served and they always have a menu for that;

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Weee! Photos of a Kenyan prostitute showing off what she got between her legs, along the busy Koinange Street has surfaced. The prostitute can be seen opening her legs wide open to display her ‘goodies’ for willing buyers and some motorists who seem to be interested, can’t resist but move closer and kula kwa macho.