Nasty sexual fantasies

Preparing for pregnancies requires that you do so physically, psychologically and general preparedness. Here are some positions that may also help you.

1. Your legs on his shoulders
This sex position means your pelvis is tipped back, which gives his sperm a helping hand from gravity in trying to reach your egg.

2. Missionary
Although it might not be the most exciting position to get intimate with your partner, it gives deep penetration close to the cervix, so your partner’s swimmers have a little extra help in their swim for an egg.

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3. You on top
This is great when you want to feel in control, but think about switching before he ejaculates. Theory goes that this stops gravity doing its best to help his sperm along its way.

4. From behind
Again, this position allows for deep penetration. As an added benefit, some theories say this is the best sex position to use when trying to conceive if you have a tipped uterus.

Once you’re finished, roll over and lie on your back with your hips elevated to give his sperm time to travel.

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5. Side by side
Lying side-by-side can be a relaxing position for couples, making it the perfect position if you’re feeling stressed out. Lie face-to-face or opt for some spooning.

This ensures maximum comfort and is great for anyone suffering with a back problem – or morning breath.