The rainy season is here with us and we all know what comes with it: a cold, chilly weather that hinders us from engaging in outdoor activities like picnics, hiking, camping etc.

Couples are forced to find other fun activities to engage in indoors during this time and I’m talking about things that will keep the romance fire burning to keep the gloom away.

Men, the cold season can be just the time to discover new things about your partner, as you keep it indoors. Take this time to find out what you can try with her that can lead to even better experiences in the bedroom.

There are a few things a man can do with his woman that can arouse her to give him her all and with that, you will definitely have mind-blowing sex that will even build desire for more. Remember that cold weather dulls sexual sensations, thus you have to find a way to arouse them.

But as a reminder I’m talking about activities that don’t involve touching her breasts or playing with her clitoris. There are other things that you can do to make her give it to you without holding back.

Well, how about I give you some of these tips that you can use.

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