Being in a long distance relationship can either make you stressed or strengthen the bond between you and your better half. One of the things that can keep your boyfriend or girlfriend wishing you were there is sexting. It’ll make them treasure the intimacy that you two share, just the two of you and with nobody else.

Here are some tips you can use in your sexting expression.

1. Be filthy dirty


One thing about this is that it gets your partner to open up to the maximum; everyone wants to be told the dirtiest things. This will get them super aroused in a few minutes. I mean, don’t be the dude who narrates a story with uncertainty. Bring the naughty freak in you to your texting fingers and set the ball rolling…don’t stop until your partner says that ‘they’re weak for you.’

2. Ask them what they want


From time to time, ask your boyfriend or girlfriend what they want you to do to them. Give them a variety. Poke their hard nipples, munch their stick, lick up their labia so fast, make them do 69, just be their slave already. Do it well ’cause a vulture will come, do it better and you’ll be left with no one.

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